Python SDK in Rubrik – joining all the new last features

As shouted from its blog, Rubrik welcomes a new set of sdk for Python to manage its platform.

As far as I remember a first approach was made by Aaron Lewis in a post of his blog reporting an example of API management via python scripts.


After a long series of launches, Rubrik announcing officially the use of python as main language to integrate all the vendors accessing the platform with a unique code.

The choice was intuitive: python is an easy to understand and to code high level language, is a new one and very flexible.

Considering the simplicity concept that Rubrik applies to the backup role, adopting Python is the natural consequence of this characteristic: simple as Rubrik is, in all its aspects.

Download and installation is easyalso. Download the SDK from (this link is also for documentation).

“Quick Start” section, you can install the SDK via “pip” or directly from the source.

Well… to the next announcement, Rubrik! In the while I’ll reinforce my (still weak) knowledge of Python using your API.


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