Deploy NSX 6.4 on Ravello

Yesterday I added to my new home lab (hosted by Ravello) a NSX Manager 6.4.

After following the great post by Ian Sanderson explaining how to deploy VCSA out of a vSphere cluster, I decided to do the same with NSX.
So I begun installing it inside the cluster, then export with all the configuration set, and reimport in Ravello as an OVF.

After starting the whole infrastructure, all based on BareMetal:

the vCenter and its hosts were ready to host the OVF deployment:

from this point the deployment is quite linear,  as the following images:

choosing Datacenter as a target, computer resource ad a final review:

After accepting the agrement, I selected the datastore (yes, I configured also a vSAN – Ravello is really enjoiable!) and then a network, which I created on a separate DVS

Now, the most interesting part: custoization, including several info, from password (either GUI and CLI), network properties, DNS and Services:

Closing with the “usual” summary. Clicking “Finish” the deploy will start.

It’s Configuration Time! Access via browser:

In this section we’ll configure NTP server, Syslog Server, Locale, and after the first step, Network settings. SSL if present, FTP for backup and last, but maybe the most important, connection data for SSO and vCenter Server:

This is the tricky point: turn it off, export and reimport in Ravello, out of the vCenter where it was deployed. So, export template, checking the box “Include extra configuration”, and download:

Time to upload to Ravello. Through the import tool and validating it after uploaded:

The new NSX is ready to be “re-deployed” on the canvas of my App:


It just need some extra conf for the NIC and, for an easier reachability, assign it an “elastic IP address”

I’ll configure HTTP and HTTPS services for DNAT, and turn everything on:

…crossin fingers……

Yes! I have my NSX up&running out of vCenter. Some extra config now will include the value “true” for the option “preferPhysicalHost” of NSX to run it on Bare Metal, and from the GUI of NSX, connecting the SSO and vCenter services:

A big smile on my face when all is green 🙂


A further step is deploy all the virtual network layer from vCenter GUI:


but, hey… time to rest, I made it work where I thought it was barely possible.

I’ll follow up with a new post about NSX configuration on vCenter, but this is another story.

I want to emphasize once more a statement: RAVELLO ROCKS!

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