vExpert 2018: old and new feelings

After some waiting days, I was nervous, maybe more than the past years, looking inceasingly at my monitor ’till late night for the announcement of 2018 vExperts.
The same emotion that I had 3 years ago when the first time I was honored to receive this award.

As told in past, this award means very much to me. Not to show it off towards others, but a higher meaning: the acknowledgment that I can give my contribution in several ways, every year at least one way more.
As in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility” – well, I don’t feel Spiderman, but being vExpert I feel responsible for the community development, to help members answering questions, to explain and show any new feature I discovered through VMTN, VMUG, my blog, Twitter, and so on.
These are not words of circumstance, but a sincere feeling, encouraging my peers to apply for the upcoming application.
I would lie if I say that I don’t mind the benefits that come with this award: the most valuable, in my opinion, are the free Pluralsight subscription, Ravello‘s 1000h/month of free vCPU, several vendors’ NFR software. Last but not least, the VMworld exclusive party 🙂
So, guys out there, come on and apply – you’ll make VMware’s community a better place for all users.


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