Joining the TFD special team, again – TFD16

I’ve been invited for the 4th time (+ 1 extra) at TFD, an event that it’s difficult to describe for me in few words.

For all that don’t know about it, it is a meeting on invitation that put together 12 IT professionals, and at the other side of the table, vendors to show their news, their products, their enhancements.
But it’s much more than this. Stephen Foskett, the creator of this fantastic precision clock mechanism, plugged into it a strong camaraderie, a friendly atmosphere and not a simple meeting of people from all the continents.

In this new Tech Field Day, the # 16, I’m joining some old friends, and going to meet new ones.
In order (alphabetical):

Alastair Cooke from NZ, a kind of person that gives you immediately a feeling of friendship, I owe a lot to him about my professional growth with his web appearances, but especially for his advices. Lately involved in Ravello Systems growth. One of the founders of vBrownBag.

Andrea Mauro, never enough meeting him, one of the founders of the italian VMUG, and I don’t know how to define him, as far as I can see I should still find where he’s weak in IT. Tons of c ertification, brilliant professional – a lighthouse for italian (and not only) IT environment. Lately co author of “Mastering VMware vSphere 6.5

Gabe Maentz, first time I’ll meet him, but loving his posts about vBrisket. I’ll have a lot to learn from him as a solutions architect

Howard Marks, what to say… he is “the storage”, he was born before storage was created, and his white beard makes you feel protected as if you’re in the same team of Gandalf

James Green, one of the consultants I met for the first time at my last TFD, and another one I can learn from about systems and solutions architecture. Photo lover – I still feel his “cannon” pointed to me.

Jon Hildebrand, long time I don’t see him. I remember his puntual and explanatory questions during presentations, as lon as his interesting comments on Twitter and LinkedIn

Keith Townsend, an IT eclectic point of reference, very active on web’s videos, interview, topics, someone you would like to go out for a beer and relax speaking of everything, not only IT. Founder of “The CTO Advisor

Luigi Danakos, never met before, I can’t wait to. He’ll bring a flavour of marketing inside TFD event.

Sonia Cuff, the last one I never met, I followed her Twitter posts, involved almost completely into the cloud as am I, often guest of webinars and events. Microsoft MVP.

And more to come.

Presenters, currently only Dell/EMC is confirmed, and a “Secret company” that gives to the event a component of mistery.

I’m sure I’ll receive a lot from TFD’s guys, slowly getting used to post about presenters (mostly because language isn’t my mother tongue).
So, getting ready for this new adventure, I’m counting days…


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