Actifio, the Swiss Army knife of data

Last time I met them I was attending TFD 11 in Boston, it was summer of 2016, and I suddenly had a good impression, the one that makes you believe you’re in front of anything innovative.
After a year I’m going to meet them again in Silicon Valley at Tech Field Day 15, and I’m quite curious on what will they put on the table.actifio_logoFor anybody reading the first time about Actifio, the main product is “Enterprise Data-as-a-Service”.
The so-structured data allow instant access from everywhere for several purposes.
Actually this solution gives the possibility to offer data for Dev, Test and DevOps with the main goal to create higher quality applications, and do it faster.

Other fields of applications are Backup and all that’s around, like Vaulting and DR, so, a stronger resiliency and availability.

Deployment is openwide, cloud (public, private, hybrid) and on-prem. This also helps in case of migration from on-prem environments to the cloud, partially or totally.

Now, what’s different in this solution, according to what Actifio states. Well, as told at the beginning, the instant access to data and anywhere, protection of data inborn, scalability, security, overall.

But the most interesting part for me is to understand which is the workflow to obtain these features. Enterprise DaaS isn’t a siloed data management as traditionally intended, but application and SLA centric.
So, following this schema, the data are captured at block level according to SLA at the base of the application, then a copy (golden) is produced, moved once and stored anywhere, and at the end unlimited copies are forged to be assigned to many purposes, the ones described above.

My expectations are to evaluate a delta in this past year, to see some use cases and to have a guided look to the platform, with a particular focus to disaster recovery.


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