VMware Cloud Provider Platform Enables Cloud Provider Revenue Growth, Efficiency, and Differentiation Across Europe

Cloud Providers know that time is money. The faster customers onboard, the faster the time to revenue for the cloud provider. That’s why the VMware Cloud Provider Platform creates competitive differentiation for VMware Cloud Providers. Leveraging the strength of VMware Cloud Infrastructure, in combination with industrial-scale tenancy and management layer specifically designed for cloud providers, the Cloud Provider Platform facilitates rapid onboarding, simplified consumption and monetization of new services.

The Cloud Provider Platform is a tested, validated, and highly scalable combination of VMware vSphere® and VMware NSX, along with VMware vCloud Director® and vCloud Usage Meter, that enables providers to rapidly implement VMware clouds wrapped with their own differentiated services. Providers can easily provide self-service multi-tenant compute, network, storage, security and other infrastructure services, as well as valuable ecosystem services through key ISV partners. The result? Providers benefit from clear business outcomes through lower OpEx and faster time to revenue.

Complete post here.

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