Roxie inside a brick


Last VMUGIT meeting in Rome hosted, among others, Rubrik, with a session presented by Giampiero Petrosi. There I met for the first time Roxie (well, I didn’t tell my wife actually).

I’m already amazed by the whole product, after discovering this “feature” I fell in love definitively.

From the beginning. I like Rubrik for several reasons. It’s a game changer product, it’s simple to use, has a nice GUI (and for a backup solution that’s a scoop) and overall, it’s effective – a restore ready in few seconds should itself be enough.

All this told, let’s come back to Roxie.

We all know Cortana, Alexa, Siri…. do I forget anyone? But all of them aren’t focused, they give you general infos, lots of, but general. Roxie no, she’s focused and an awesome alternative to the traditional GUI. More, she’s not only informative, but she’s also operative.


Based on AWS Lambda, through REST APIs, she’s happy to inform us about state of cluster, space left, rate of data growth, quantity of data archived, and SLA. This is about info.

But the exciting part is the operative one: change policies, archiving in the cloud and… well, they’re APIs, they will rule the world! Correct Chris?

I’d like to introduce you a good friend of mine:


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