Lions and snakes – a quick review of Turbonomic

Some time ago I’ve been asked by a company to have a look at the market about smthg that could replace it’s precious piece of cloud stack called VMware vROPS.

He was technically satisfied by it, he found this tool among the best available ones, but its price was quite too high for the features he was really using. So, let’s say, a lion when a silent but strong snake could catch an adequate prey .

turbonAfter a deep analysis and real trials applied to his infrastructure, I believe that Turbononic is the tool that can offer the best price/quality ratio.
Especially in a medium/ROBO environment it maximizes its capabilities, where a large IT crew isn’t affordable, often made up by only one man (the typical one man-department), so that the automation capable of autotuning in case of bad performances is one of the most valuable features.

I don’t know if the product has been chosen since my mission ended up analysing the market, but it gave me the opportunity to dig in the analytic – proactive – content capcity (and so on) tools world. Before, I was aware that vROPS was the only enterprise level one. It still is, but not the only one, and not for all the business models.

I would like to share my experience deeper in my future posts supplying them with screenshots, from deployment to real use and final considerations, part of which I’ve just exposed here.

By the way, if don’t want to pay for application monitoring and autotuning features, after 30 free days of trial you’ll get a perpetual free copy of “Virtual Health Monitor”

Furthermore, Turbonomic will join Tech Field Day #14 in Boston as one of the presenters, where his HQ is located, and you could watch live streaming of presentation on the website

So… keep following me!


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