Solarwinds Virtualization Manager – not to be missed in a cloud

Recently I’ve been looking around for a tool that could simplify the tons of info coming out from vCenter Realize Operations. Something that could be used by our 1st-level support before escalation. Among other similar products that I found, the Virtualization Manager from Solarwinds caught my attention.

This is a complete product, similar to vROPS for functionalities, of course less of the ones exposed by VMware product, bt exposed in a simpler way.

You can get recommendations  for your whole environment and for sizing, is able to automate (as far as you decide to do it) according to pre-set rules, beside to other functions that I expected to find like health monitoring, reports and capacity planning. This last feature is quite valuable for me, this is one of the most important features in vROPS, finding it in this product gave me good sensations.

This is a piece of the more complete Orion platform, which I didn’t test because no need of the whole infrastructure, but it means that another point of strenght is scalability.

The starting page is the Dashboard one.


From this you can have a quick look to the health of your environment, detailed enough for our support to start investigation on red and yellow alerts. Note that health is not only related to VMs but on applications also (if the agent is installed – I didn’t). This detail is pretty explicative on the drill down you can do without changing view:


You can group your environment for all of your object, to have a more focused view:


The Explore page is my favourite: in the previous I could have a look on the whole environment, but in my mind a little confusing. In this view, instead, but I want to underline that’s my only opinion, I can analyze better my cloud:


I’ll resume back this topic going through the remaining tabs.

Last, I see that this vendor will be in Austin for TechFieldDay 13. I don’t know if I will be there, but for sure I’ll follow the session by Youtube (and I advice you to do so).


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