Actifio: the data mobility solution

I attended an interesting session driven by Actifio during my last Tech Field Day (11) in Boston.
I think that in the few minutes they disposed it could n’t be evaluated all the potential that this backup solution has. Because it has a high potential in my opinion.
First of all, what Actifio is: a virtualized platform able to manage data in a mobile cloud environment. This is a few-words explaination.

Today the main cloud environments are hybrid. So considering moving data and applications from private to public and v.v., for several reasons, is a daily decision. Usually these decisions are costrained by several factors: it is not easy with traditional tools.
For me, the first advantage I catched in it was the simplicity to perform it, at a very low downtime and risk.

Moving to and from a kind of cloud means keeping a safe copy in the other side of the cloud too: it creates several copies of the data, and in a secure way.
Now, how technically this happens: the system take a first copy of the bundle to be moved, and transfer it to the targeted cloud. Then, it takes note of all the changed blocks, and transfer them, only them, in order to be as same as possible to the currently running application, dedupling and compressing them in real time. This is a continuus process, so that you can decide the moment to choose for switching.

orac   time  imbu  circ

There’s a very strong similitude with Zerto, but in this case the clone at the target is alive: in this way the switch is even faster, no need of reboot. Actually, this is mostly a mobility tool, Zerto is a DR tool. Both of them could be used for the respective purposes, but both of them ar better performing for what they were created for.
I know that this review is not a complete one, I just wanted to put down some lines, I’ll be back again as soon as I’ll have the chance to test it in a real environment.


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