VMworld 2016 approaching

And so the event is approaching.

My first time in Las Vegas (VMworld, not the city), and I’m expecting a lot of content to blog about, thanks to the complimentary pass received
I can’t wait to meet my fellows, followed and appreciated online, but never de visu (except for very, very few).
I feel thrilled, a little bit scared because of responsibility I feel on my shoulders, to report to all the less lucky people that for any reason couldn’t join us what’s happening, but maybe for this reason more motivated.
I won’t write down advises for the first-comers, I’m not the most qualified to to this since – as I wrote above –  is my first time in Vegas

But I can instead for VMworld, it’s my fourth, the second in US: don’t fill up your agenda of sessions, you’ll be burnt at the end, and you won’t be able to assimilate the last ones. Take your time, have a look to exibitors, not just for giveaways but for the demo of their products too, have a tour in the Hands on Lab circle.
Most of all: meet people, don’t just run back and forth the rooms. This is a great occasion to meet professionals with your same interest and skills, to build or reinforce your working network. You’ll find them useful in future, as much as you’ll be useful to them (paying forward paradigm – thank you Alastair!)
Hope to do a good job reporting as much as I can, as detailed as I can. You’ll judge if VMware did the right thing offering me a blogger pass – I hope so.


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