Notes from Tech Field Day 11. Just the beginning.

On my flight back I had the chance to lay down, relax, and summarize this exciting week passed in Boston as a Delegate for Tech Field Day 11.

I had expectations, of course, since it was my first time. It was very, very better.


The way Stephen and Claire organized the whole event is perfect. Both have the natural capacity to make you feel comfortable in any circumstance, including socialization. This isn’t something imposed, sometimes happens, and I feared this. It wasn’t.

I came from Europe, and I decided not to jump to Seattle for DockerCon because I preferred to absorb the jet lag and be ready and active for TFD. So I had a couple of days as a “tourist”.

We began with a dinner in a characteristic restaurant on the Long Warf, here I met most of all, except for a couple of us that were coming down late from Seattle. Since I was wondering in downtown, I catch the occasion to meet Stephen and Clair before, followed by the tallest New Zealander I ever encountered. Well… I only know him from NZ, but anyway it’s not easy breaking this record. When you see a tall man, dark dressed, carrying a Brown Bag (ops, sorry, it was a vBrownBag) and Dalì moustaches, you can’t be wrong: Alastair!

During the dinner I met the 2 new delegates as I was, Andreas from Austria, VMUG leader, and Mariusz from Poland (c’mon Mariusz… do you really believe Poland will win the UEFA 2016?), and all the others more or less experienced in TFD, all more than me anyway.

The day after, before the whole event started, another important step to socialize: gifts exchange – my Juventus mug flew to New Zealand, and from Austria I brought back a great pair of surf shorts.


Wednesday, Jun 22 9:30 – 11:30 Netwrix Presents at Tech Field Day 11
Wednesday, Jun 22 16:00 – 18:00 Actifio Presents at Tech Field Day 11
Thursday, Jun 23 8:00 – 10:00 Plexistor Presents at Tech Field Day 11
Thursday, Jun 23 10:30 – 12:30 Comtrade Presents at Tech Field Day 11
Thursday, Jun 23 14:00 – 16:00 Zerto Presents at Tech Field Day 11
Thursday, Jun 23 16:30 – 18:30 CloudPhysics Presents at Tech Field Day 11
Friday, Jun 24 10:30 – 12:30 Plexxi Presents at Tech Field Day 11

I spent the last hours with Stephen, his kind wife Shannon, Alastair, Mark and Jon for another great dinner.

This has been a great experience, not only professional. I need to mention some over the others for following reasons.

Stephen and Claire, of course: you’re the first ones. Accurate in your organization, anticipating any need, creativity is one of your best quality – and inventing a friendly group, not kind ‘a office group.

Alastair. I never thought to meet one of the makers of vBrownBag.I had an immediate empathy because of your simple explanation of complex things, every time calm, ironical in a British way. This is a special and public mention for the precious advises that you gave us that evening. Take care of my mug!

Andeas. I appreciated your simplicity and modesty in any circumstance, it should be something that it’s requested to be a VMUG leader because the Italian’s ones that I met are the same. It was easy and funny talking with you.

Julian. I was impressed by your enthusiasm and capacity to immerge yourself deeply in new things so fast. For you, as for Alastair, I liked the hidden sarcastic vein British-style. But how fast can you type on Twitter!!

Howard – I’m sure, I’ll never know half of what you know, but I’m working on it. And on bourbon too.

You will forgive me if I didn’t mention all the others in details as I did for these last ones. Arjan, Drew, Joep, MatthewI didn’t have the chance to know you enough and I hope to do it as soon as possible, as happens in the best families. Maybe VMworld 2016 Las Vegas?


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