Raising the bar

Some weeks ago I wrote about my challenges of the last years, but especially the ones facing in the last months. Here’s the post.

Today I can put a placeholder on my calendar since I achieved something that I never thought to reach: speaking in a VMworld! Yesterday I received the thrilling email reporting that one of my 2 abstracts was accepted. And, overall, the one where I’m presenting alone!


I would like to share with you the abstract:

CloudItalia’s initial decision to adopt the VMware cloud stack exclusively is still proving today a winner one thanks to the integration of all products, from those in direct contact with customers (VCloud Director) up to the management ‘infrastructure (vCenter) ones, until the analysis and prediction tools (vRealize Operation Manager – vROPS – and Loginsight).

As a Cloud Service Provider we often had to make hard choices in terms of sizing, choices to be taken well in advance in order not to clip the wings to customers, with rather frequent and rapid expansion needs. vROPS let us check the duration of our investment and assess the medium to long term future by comparison of revenues from this expansion, without overstate nor underrate them.

Using this tool to analyze the root causes also gave us the opportunity to stop repeating mistakes that led eventually to outages both globally and for individual customers as well as optimize its structure – and here comes the third instrument: optimization. Thanks to it we were able to communicate, unfortunately, although with an image return, the waste of resources to those customers who had bought too much, and also notify those customers who were rather underpowered.

Clouditalia owes much of its success to the ability to attend surgically every customer, regardless of the size of its business. And much of the credit is thanks to vSOM. Customers recognize us this merit, unlike other larger reality where they are treated in “default mode” as a mere number. —

This is a hard task to carry on, I’ll present it either in Las Vegas and in Barcelona, but it was my choice and my honor – a good reason to forget holidays this year. I’ll never stop thanking my family, standing and supporting me. Same for my co-workers and bosses, sustaining me during the whole process and, I’ve to say, without my company I couldn’t have this opportunity.

I use to say that opportunities must be catched. But often they’re hiding, and in some cases you should create them. So, if you let me give any kind of advise: BE BRAVE.

This post is mainly to express my appreciation to everyone that believed in me voting my sessions. I did it personally, but for sure I forgot someone, and, forgive me… here it is.


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