Would you help me presenting a session at VMworld 2016?

Hi everybody,

Seems it’s a century ago when I started thinking and putting hands over VMware products, then my decision to certificate it with a VCP, and after starting thinking at VCAP, and, again, submitting and receiving the unvaluable vExpert 2016 title….

And now, after some years of experience, a new challenge – bring my experience at VMworld. With 2 sessions, one together with one of our best vendor, Tintri, another by myself, my experience inside an italian CSP, Clouditalia, and the main tools to manage its main product: the Cloud.


Now, should you decide to help me in this new adventure, the sessions to vote are the following:



8276: Case Study: How a Modern Cloud Service Provider Synergizes with its Storage, is the joint experience with Clouditalia and Tintri, and

7578 A Cloud Service Provider’s success story: adoption of vSphere with Operations Management is the personal experience inside Clouditalia, the success grown up thanks to analysis and decisions taken using the vSOM applied on our main cloud product.

I really hope to have the opportunity to show you a little bit of my daily job, and to help, maybe, someone of you in reaching his goals.

Thanks in advance!

PS: Vote will end on May, 24th – next tuesday 😉


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